April 05, 2009

Hard Work

Teaching yoga that is. And assisting. I'm partway through a 4 day marathon in the studio. Friday I taught two classes, Friday night I practiced with the 2009 teacher trainees. Saturday evening, I assisted as the teacher trainees taught their first class. Sunday, I taught a class, and assisted during the teacher trainee class. And today, two more classes to teach.

Teaching and assisting like this is a lot of work. A lot of time being present - attentive to students, attentive to the sequence. A lot of body stress - moving through the room, kneeling, sitting, crouching, bending, demonstrating postures that I am not fully warmed up for. And a lot of mental stress - just being "on" for an hour or two in a way that is even more taxing than a strong practice.

I need a good hot shower (a bath would be nice too, but maybe later) and I'll be on my way. I lie awake this morning for a bit, planning my 10:45 power class. The 12:15 gentle class will come as it does, depending upon the students and the energy in the room. Already, I am pondering the wisdom of a nap this afternoon, just to recover from the long weekend. And tonight, I may grab some time on the mat with Barb myself (if she is teaching) - to bring my body and my spirit back to center, and reconnect.

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