April 11, 2009

Close but no cigar

"Were you interviewed for the Courant" one of the folks at the studio asked today. In fact, I was - a few weeks back for some story on people turning to alternate professions (i.e. - yoga instructor) in midlife. "It was some story about alternate spirituality" the student went on. So I came home and looked it up.

Unaffiliated Find Spiriturality Outside Organized Religion
More People Shun Traditional Faiths; Many Find Fulfillment On Their Own Terms
On Easter morning, Jude Yaeger will swing by to pick up her mother in Newington and attend a Catholic Mass. They'll go to lunch afterward, but they most likely won't talk about religion.

"She knows I'm just there for her," says Yaeger, a yoga instructor. Yaeger attends a prayer and meditation group that grew out of her and her friends' mutual search for a spiritual life. The group began meeting in each other's homes about three years ago, she says, when the friends discovered their mutual dissatisfaction with traditional worship services.

Nope, not me (I certainly would have recalled talking to Susan Campbell. Although I do have a mother that I occasionally take to Catholic mass....and I do work in Newington. And of course, I am a yoga instructor.

What is kind of freaky is that there are now three documented yoga instructors named Jude in the area. Jude Kochman is teaching over at Samadhi in Manchester. I'm at West Hartford Yoga. And now Jude Yaeger (the Google is not helpful in finding out where she teaches).

Weird - it's really not that common a name....

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Jude said...

Hey, I met Jude from Samadhi today! And the universe did not end. Still three Jude's out there teaching yoga.....still weird!