September 09, 2007

$10 for Football Uniforms

Couple of kids came by today, selling discount cards for $10 for football uniforms for Hartford's Bulkeley High School. Apparently, the school budget is threatening to eliminate the football team, so they are working to earn some money for uniforms.

I bought one - $10 is a pretty cheap investment in keeping a bunch of Hartford teens in school, on the playing field, and off the streets. And mind you, I was the kid being stuffed into lockers by my high school football playing classmates, so I don't speak from a particularly nostalgic or romantic place regarding the sport. And I'm normally a huge critic of football in terms of sucking budget from other sports and other academic programs.

Anyway, its $10. Hope it helps a little....

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kerri said...

I hope that a huge point you just made doesn't go unnoticed. I too don't have warm fuzzies toward h.s. football, or to any other h.s. sport for that matter, but many kids love playing. For me, the school creative writing club is what made me keep going to school. There's no question I would have dropped out otherwise. Taking away the chance for some of these kids to play sports is pushing some of them right out the school's door.