September 12, 2007

Hartford Mayoral Race

In purely statistical terms - the results were not all that unpredictable. The incumbent got 1/2 the vote and the challengers split the rest. The only plausible losing scenario for Perez is Minnie Gonzalez splitting off some of Perez's support - but unless the anti-Perez constituency settles on one candidate (and can generate some ideas and energy besides something other than "not Perez"), I fear more "divide and conquer" come November.

We got two personal calls from the Mayor this election season (one in response to a quality of life complaint, one to solicit our votes). And we've not been supporters in the past. As the incumbent, Mayor Perez certainly seems to have the political machine in place to rally the troops.....

We're a Feltman household here - Art's been our State Rep for a while and I like his politics as well as his fiscal restraint - his platform seems to be the most logical response to the the "anti-Perez" sentiment out there. Barrows (who actually stopped by the house and got an earful from Zippy) and Matthews had some good things but also some more problematic things in their campaign messages. But really, none of the candidates struck me as saying much more that "We are not Eddie Perez" and that's just not enough to build a coalition on.

We'll see in November, but I'm not holding my breath for anything more than another Perez term, unless something impeachable or indictable comes down the pike.....

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kerri said...

For me, it's rarely a coin-flip voting situation, but this was essentially one. I think that the challengers need to get past their own desires to be mayor, and work with each other to figure out the best strategy if any of them *really* want Perez out.

How many more contractor scandals do people need exposed before they'll stop supporting the mayor?