September 28, 2007

Heather Tiddens 2.0

What a difference a year makes. I was familiar with the Yin practice, so I knew what to expect. Many of the WHY teachers got on a bit of a Yin kick following last year's visit (or maybe Sarah Powers, I forget) but in any case, the Yin postures were less about fear and newness and more about settling in. More often than not, I was happy in the posture for the entire time; sometimes the times even seemed a bit short.

Who could imagine that with all the time spent in Yin practice, we'd still get a rigorous yang practice - and I'd leave my usual pool of sweat on the mat. There was still plenty of room for humility and room to grow, but it was nice to have my own answers in terms of props and padding (for the yin postures) - I seem to recall Heather spending some time with me last year propping and adjusting - this year I think I intuitively knew what to do if I needed to adapt postures. '

It was a wonderful practice on a lot of levels - deep, strong, and sweaty. My hips and pelvis feel like they came off a different car - a newer model with less miles on it, I think. Really open and yummy. We finished up with my favorite downwarard frog (which I have not done in ages) and even though I did not get my Sirsasana in, I was find without it. Just toasted perfectly!

Off to bed. Balloon fetching in the morning is a coin-toss, depending upon the winds....

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