September 21, 2007

Lychee Wan - Bristol CT

MYA and I were driving around randomly, looking for a place for dinner, when we stumbled upon Lychee Wan in Bristol. It's on the corner of Broad Street and Emmett Street, former location of Cacti's. They have been open about a month.

Very impressive! It's Pan-Asian cuisine, with a smattering of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian. So there were soups, salads, curries - less of the usual Chinese restaurant fare, and more lighter and spicier. I had the Tofu Sambal - which was great - the tofu was fried crispy, almost like bacon, with zucchini, onion, carrots, mushrooms, and eggplant, and served up in a crispy bowl (sort of like a taco salad). I was breaking up the bowl to get the delicious sauce.

MYA had sesame chicken which was beautifully presented and also delicious. And there were so many dishes on the menu begging to be tried. They have not done a lot with the decor left over from Cacti although subtle lighting, table candles, and asian art goes a long way to making it nice inside, and it's all very tasteful. The menu is really well designed - somebody either is or hired a graphics artist! The business cards are equally well conceived; I'll scan one in for here next time I am at the office.....

The staff was very helpful and friendly, suggesting several dishes as we pondered the options. I suspect they might have been the owner Sam Xu and his mom....there is a nice piece from the Bristol Observer online here.

No liquor license (yet) so it's BYOB - but call to be sure.

Bottom Line: Bristol has a high quality asian restaurant that's fresh and interesting - definitely not your typical Chinese or Japanese fare. So give it a try - we'll definitely be back!

Lychee Wan 417 Broad Street Bristol, CT 06010
(860) 940-6369 / 6420

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Deborah said...

My husband and I just ate dinner there tonight. We appreciated the assortment of asian styles. It was really dead on a Saturday night. I passed that way on Wednesday and Friday and the place was hopping, so I suggest trying it out on a Saturday.