September 19, 2007

Blogging from BDL (the crappy terminal)

In the old, and soon to be closed, B terminal at Bradley. WAY off my stride this morning; I drove into the Parking Garage (oops) so I just headed right to the exit and got out without a charge and drove around the loop to the B Terminal Lot. Then I got to the ticket counter and could not find my ID. (oops) - I left the terminal thinking I left it in another bag (from last week's Uberman event) but thought to double check my bag and it was in the bottom. Then all that excitement (plus a phone call) maed me forget to hit the ATM in the ticketing area, so I got through security with about $5 in my bag. Need to hit an ATM in St. Louis.

I am headed out for an unusual (for me) site visit - some instability problems with a voltage regulator and a CT Scanner - my customer is sending and engineer, the internal drive manufacturer is sending an engineer, plus myself (ostensibly looking for wiring or grounding problems) and the imaging company site engineer.

The good news - a direct flight from BDL to STL. No rental car on my end (my customer is driving). Probably a late night tonight, and bug out tomorrow, so a quick trip. No time to site see.....

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