September 15, 2007

Kirtan Redux

Kirtan last evening at WHY. I fell into bed and slept, but now I am buzzing and up early. My arms are achey, perhaps a result of a bit of drumming last night (uncharacteristic for me, I'm usually a guitar and bass only kinda girl)

It went really well - we had a good turnout, the spirit seemed to move, and the music seemed to go well. We missed Tom, our regular tabla player, but Craig and Virginia filled in with some new drums and an african drum chant by Babatunde Olatunji (also see Wikipedia) that was great - a little change is good in terms of finding empty spaces and growth. I ended up doing sound in Tom's place, so apologies for any audio affront. My new amp seemed to help a lot - giving the musicians (including me) a bit of a monitor effect, in the past, we did not hear the guitar and bass......

But well - wiped!

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