September 03, 2007

Unconventional Travel

Business travel for me usually means (a) trekking up to BDL for a flight or (b) trekking over to the local rent-a-car place to pick up a more road-worthy vehicle.

Tomorrow, I head down to Philadelphia via Amtrak - the Vermonter which will whisk me in style (business class!) from Hartford to Philly. I'm working at the Hospital at the University of PA (walking distance from the train) and lodging at the local Sheraton (also walking distance). I'm pretty psyched that the train mode of transit works out so well; wish it did more often....

Working Wednesday, then heading over to NJ where my mom has been spending time with her friend - my mission is to drive her and her car home (or at least as far as CT) on Thursday - save her a few hours of driving; and nice to spend some time with mom.

Another client called Friday - looking to get me down to Baltimore this week. The have not committed so far (and it looks like it may be too late to organize something for Thursday) although maybe I can slip down on Southwest on Friday morning....and come back Friday night or Saturday morning.....

Photo of the Amtrak Vermonter glommed from Jeff Lubchanskey

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