September 17, 2007

Crew Chaos

Ballooning on Sunday, with way too many crew persons. My pilot, BB (Balloon Boy), was out of action for the weekend following some knee surgery, so he ended up chasing. As did my frind Kristen, who brought a friend Karen. Meanwhile, substitute pilot S brought his own crew person Lisa. Plus me. Plus a passenger family member. That makes six in the chase crew - way too full a van! We flew out of Farmington, and landed near the Meriden-Wallingford-Cheshire town line, adjacent to the Meriden Airport (we were camped out there for a while, expecting a landing, but the winds pushed our balloon a little west of there)

Making an approach to Meriden-Wallingford Airport, from the North

WAY too many crew members, waiting for something to do

RZ waits and watches from an unusual place - normally we're waiting for him to land!

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