September 15, 2007

Have We Gone Too Far?

.....about this whole thing about publishing sex offender names? Coming on top of the whole MS-NBC "To Catch a Predator" series, some other news items that have caught my eye.

Item #1
Father gets 9 months for killing molest suspect

Item #2
Police say girl not molested before father stabbed neighbor

Item #3
Neighbors Allegedly Torch Man's Home
Two of Chandler's neighbors decided to do something about it, police say. They're accused of trying to scare him off by setting fire to his tiny house tucked away in a hardscrabble Appalachian hollow.

Chandler, 53, escaped from the flames. But his wife was killed in what authorities are calling an example of vigilante justice.

Yeah, sex offenders are reprehensible. And notifying neighbors makes sense. But where to draw the line?

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