September 23, 2007

Busy Busy Day

Starting with a hot air balloon chase, from Bristol down into Cheshire. Flicker photos here

Early morning take-off from Spring Street, on the Southington / Bristol town line

A mid-flight visit to friends in Southington, where we woke up Renee and her children!

Landing at a nursery in Cheshire, the bedding plant capital of the United States!

After the flight, breakfast at the Liberty Diner in Plainville. Then a quick run up to the WH Res for the Lupus Walk - Zippy was walking so I tagged along.

MYA and I were going to do a mentoring activity today, but she got another job and had to work this morning. So I have the afternoon off, and I'm gonna sneak over to the studio for community yoga.....

Edit: Back from community yoga. Not my usual practice time / space, but I missed my Sunday morning Hot Yoga and I have been sporadic for weeks now (travel and bronchitis). I practiced yesterday on my own, but its nice to get into the studio. Shankara was teaching (long time, no practice with) and my student teacher self was watching him teach as I practiced - he's such a delight with new students. Infectious enthusiasm. As for me, when he said "do some sort of inversion" I jumped at the chance to practice Sirsasana - I'm at the point where I can get up without the wall as a backstop and can balance away from the wall, but like to have the wall there, just in case. So I did a headstand while Shankara talked the class out of panic mode (shoulder stand prep) and then joined them in shoulder stand.

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