August 05, 2008

Blue Black Virgin No More

After dinner this evening, Zippy and I headed over to Blue Black Square - my first time in that part of West Hartford.

Kind of interesting / amusing how they have appropriated a NYC streetscape (but cleaner and nicer) - the buildings are just tall enough to make it feel like an old city, without being claustrophobic or cavelike. And if the chain restaurants and upscale shoppes are a bit too faux for a real urban landscape, well, there were enough people hanging out, schmoozing, loitering, etc. to make it feel authentic. All we need is a panhandler or two, a few street musicians, and a couple of scam artists to make it all real.

We stopped by Barnes and Noble, where I picked up Coleman Barks "The Essential Rumi" (fodder for savasana patter). I also stopped in to a little shop called Lucy which has yoga tops to die for. I picked up something on the sale rack for $20 (Marshall's or TJ Maxx pricing!), and even their off the rack pricing is pretty decent compared to my favorite yoga studio. Although since it's sort of a chocolate color, I'll have to wear my brown pants or find something else to wear with it.....

All in all, I can see (a) why West Farms fought Blue Back Square tooth and nail, because I could see a pretty similar demographic and (b) how frustrating it is to be yearning for something like that in Hartford, maybe along Front Street, but so far, nada.....

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