August 24, 2008

Canoe trip: CT River and Selden's Creek

We're not all that sporty (although I do have kayak envy) but our friend Audrey wanted to do something outdoorsy today so we hit the CT River with a canoe. We put in at Deep River (where the Essex Steam Train meets the Riverboat) and paddled north, crossing the river a little ways up (being careful to not get hit by speeding motorboats in the channel nor tipped by their wake) - then into Selden's Creek. I had the middle seat, behind Zippy.

We encountered:

....A great white heron, which Audrey thought was an egret but when it took to flight, it was much larger

A family of swans with grey cygnets (one of several families we saw)

Flora growing atop a tree fallen into the river

And finally, a preening yogi. We also saw an osprey, fishing, a bunch of lesser birds, and lots of recreational boaters.

Lovely day, but boy are my arms tired!

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Julie Dixon said...

You're a hoot.