August 05, 2008

Oil Change

I've been chasing oil changing places into oblivion the past few years. The Jiffy Lube on New Britain Ave in West Hartford was my place of choice - until it closed a year or so back. Then I migrated over to Valvoline Instant Oil Change on New Park (sort of across from the Corner Pug) - I went there a week back but was sent away (we don't have your oil filter in stock right now) and by the time I got back (today) they were closed.

So I puttered over to the Valvoline shop on Park Road. Quite a nice experience. No waiting room, so I sat in the car - but they were quite polite - chatting, offering Tootsie Pops, showing me maple seeds under my engine cowl (also showing me how to remove it so I, or more specifically MY HUSBAND, could clean them out), and working with me to reset the Oil Change feature on my odometer. Just a nice group of folks, and a quick and positive experience.

And I just realized that for the first time in my memory, an oil change cost LESS than filling up the tank. Something ironic or funny or wrong about that.....

Oh, and I filled up my tank this afternoon, at $4.05/gallon, at the Sunoco on New Britain Ave. As I pumped, one of the employees lurked around the sign. As I finished (and other customers drove off) I saw him change the price on the sign to $4.01. Doh! Pumped too soon!

I know it's less than 50 cents difference, but still.....

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