August 12, 2008

Primary Day

Thank the gods and goddesses. No more phone calls, flyers, visits, etc.

Fonfara's people left a flyer in the door last night; touting his endorsement by "Love Makes a Family", no doubt in response to the rainbow flag on the door. Sorry, Charlie. We're queerish but gay marriage....not so much. Not that I don't think it's a worthwhile project, but its way down on my list, and it's taken up all the oxygen in the queer world for far too long.

Fonfara's issues around his billboard business is a turn-off. And though Vargas kind of got me cranky with his campaign mailing focused 100% on electric rates (what? there is nothing ELSE to address in the region?). Besides, Ken Krayeske likes Vargas. So I'm leaning that way.

In the Robles / Sierra race, a little research this morning uncovers that Robles has been "supported and mentored by the mayor" and that's enough of a turn-off to point me to Ms. Sierra.

And finally, for registrar of voter.....who the heck knows? I kind of like the fact that Surgeon won the electrion despite not being endorsed by the Dems. I always liked a rebel, but I'll probably make my decision on that one at the polls.


Kerri said...

Quote of the Day: "We're queerish but gay marriage....not so much."

Robles' "abuse of authority" accusation is a turn-off for me.

Julie Dixon said...

Friend (who shall not be named lest I embarrass her) and I always call each other before elections to discuss our options. Last night I called; "Tell me who to vote for!" to which she replied, "Tell *me* who to vote for!"

Last night was process of elimination. Not Robles because of "abuse of authority," not Vargas 'cause there's more to what's going on than electricity. Maybe a huge concern for some but not high on my list. And that campaign slogan: "It's time." Okey dokey. Time for what?

We like Surgeon because she's not part of the machine.

I'm looking forward to learning whether my new polling place still smells like pee.

julie dixon said...

Damn. They renovated the senior center and it *still* smells like pee.