August 19, 2008

Plainville Balloon Festival

There's a smallish balloon festival this weekend (Aug 24-26) in Plainville. Details here

I'll probably be there for the Balloon Glow (they inflate and maybe tether, but do not fly off, instead lighting up the burners after dark as part of the show) on Friday night (and fireworks!) and then a little feast for the pilots and crew. And probably at least one of the weekend mornings (weather and yoga permitting). It's a fun little fest, with crafts and music and things for the kids and crappy carnival food (although the 6 am launch time puts off some folks)

The photo above is my friend Robert's smaller balloon during inflation (now his primary commercial balloon), as taken from the basket of his larger one (which he sold last year) at Plainville in 2003.

If you have nver been up close and personal with a hot air balloon, it's a lot of fun.

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