August 08, 2008

Primary Season II

I'm afraid I was downright rude to the young man canvassing the neighborhood for Ed Vargas.

First off, somehow my name is on the Democratic voter list, but Zippy's has not, Maybe it was a recent minor name change, maybe he became a registered democrat only recently. So I have gotten 100% of the calls, mail, and personal visits. Now Zippy has mixed emotions about this - he HATES unsolicited phone calls (telemarketers, bill collectors, politicos) but at the same time he likes to talk to politicians. He also hates being left out of stuff or marginalized. So every time someone comes to the door and asks for me, he kind of fumes.

Yesterday, we spotted a young man across the street, clipboard in hand. I was on the way out the door to yoga, so I asked Zippy to get it, but the young man asked for me, and Zippy just walked away. So I literally, yoga bag across my shoulder, talked to him as I walked to the car. First telling him I knew all about the Robles / Sierra race. But he was promoting Ed Vargas, running for Jon Fonfora's senate seat.

I took the literature, I told him I was undecided and would remain that way probably through the weekend. And then moved to the car. Near as I can tell fron the flyer, Vargas seems to be running on a kilowatt platform (electricity prices, he's in favor of more regulation and oversight) which honestly, seems a bit of a thin reason to vote for someone. I'll have to dig deeper.

August 13th can not come fast enough.

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Julie Dixon said...

If Hector Robles calls me or comes over for a uninvited one more time, well I tell ya...