August 29, 2008

Second Time is the Charm

It was a two yoga class kind of day. I hit the studio at 9:30 for Shankara's Power II class (normally a real killer) but he was in an Ashtanga kinda mood - not my favorite practice. Not enough heat, and way too many intricately twisty and bindy postures. I get a lot of good stretches in, but I'm way too in my head trying to devise modifications and alternatives for binds and arm balances I cannot get into, and more often than not I get practice working with frustration and humility. Not exactly a recipe for catching a wave of spiritual awakening. So I left feeling worked out but not all that sustained.

Then a few errands - my office in Newington was evacuated for some sort of perceived gas leak (false alarm) so I never got in there today. Then teaching my gentle class at 12:15, then working at the studio until 4.

When I got home, Zippy was with a friend who he was driving home, so I opted out of dinner and hit the studio again for Nykki's hot class. Much more resonant with what I needed (heart opening, sweaty exuberance, and spirit stretching). And to cap it off, a two part savasana. Part 1 was typical lying down corpse pose. Part 2, was an optional seated meditation. I gave up my relaxation to meditate a bit, and found myself drawn back to my EI question "What Am I?"

And after all that struggle back in December, tonight, out of the blue, comes a small bit of truth. I sat there, tears pouring from my eyes, and left the studio in a bit of awe; a mini-direct experience perhaps. It was quite beautiful, but sad, and delicious.

N&A were worried about me (cause I left the studio somewhat quietly and quickly) and called me up afterwards to see if I was OK, so I went out to Moe's with them for a burrito. They are so sweet and loving.....

Yeah, I am OK. Wonderful, in fact.

Now off to bed. Emotionally, that second practice was a piece of cae. Physically, I am whipped.....

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