August 06, 2008

Is it too late to opt-in for the benign dictatorship?

The local primary for State Representative, to fill Art Feltman's seat, is driving me bonkers.

The phone rings 2-3 times a day now; just got a call asking for support for Carmen Sierra (Row 2B). Ms. Sierra also paid a personal visit, sitting down on the front steps with me as the dogs barked in the house. "The is a nice neighborhood" she commented, and then turned darker "....we want to keep it that way." Immediately I imagined hordes of vandals and miscreants descending upon the neighborhood.

I've also spoken personally with one of her competitors, Hector Robles. Mr. Robles seems to be winning the sign war on this block, with perhaps a 2:1 advantage. Never have I felt so sought after, coddled, and frankly, annoyed by a political campaign. We've taken to ignoring the phone. Private to GMAC, the payment went out yesterday.....

Art Feltman was a no brainer; I've met him a bunch of times over the past years in teh community, he got my vote on multiple levels - as a gay man, as a city resident, ad a smart cookie, as a hard worker. Now, not so sure who to vote for.

Ion Hartford has a nice introduction of the candidates here to get started, and I'll be doing a bit more web surfing between now and then.

But sheeseh, August 13th can not come fast enough.....

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Anonymous said...

I know its annoying.. but would it help to know that Robles has the support of Art Feltman?