January 16, 2006

221,350 Miles

"Well, a quarter of a million miles isn't really that far
It took me two Chevy's, but I've done it in a car"
- Hugh Blumenfeld, Shoot the Moon (Rocket Science)

I've mentioned Hugh twice in the last few days - once more, and Beetlejuice-like, I expect to see him around the neighborhood. It happens now and then.....

But the point is, what took Hugh two Chevy's, I'm close to accomplishing in one Saturn. My 1996 vehicle has over 221,000 miles on it. I took it in for brakes, rotors, an oil change and tire rotation, and a new windshield wiper motor (the only thing mission critical). Every time I spend a few bucks on the car, I question my sanity, I question the investment. If this thing is still alive come summer, the tires I put in at 180,000 (thinking they would be the very last set I bought for this car) might in fact need to be replaced. One engine, two radiators, two clutches, two sets of struts, lots of brakes and tires and oil and gas. It hardly burns oil, and has lots of pep. Two front enders (neither my fault) and a handful of tickets and warnings. Not a bad run. Not bad at all.

Part of me wants a new vehicle. Part of me wants to drive this puppy into the ground or coddle it to 250,000 at the very least. Part of me wants to cajole the Saturn marketing folks to give me a new car as compensation for posing in an ad. I am sure they could come up with some amusing copy with a then and now photo. Heh.

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