January 14, 2006

Tristan and Isolde

Zippy and friends were planning to see Breakfast on Pluto this eveing, but it had already shuffled off to DVD-land. So instead they went to see Tristan and Isolde - and I joined them.

Pretty good, as these things go - fairly true to the myth / legend, with some demystifying in the way of Mary Renault (a personal fave). I connected with the Tristan and Iseault myth through the book "We" by Robert A. Johnson in my Jungian, therapy, screwing around with gender issues phase - it sort of spoiled me for romance and love for a long time. I am gonna reread both the myth (I think I have a pretty generic translation around here somewhere) as well as the Johnson book - just because. I think I am in a better and different place these days.

James Franco was a hottie in his warrior jerkin. I normally do not swing that way but he's cute enough for it.

A really light crowd - groups of young women, a handful of dates - I fear this one is headed off to DVD land as well.

Then we headed home for decaf and cookies and got depressed about a really problematic (for a lot of reasons) article in the Hartford Advocate.

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