January 21, 2006

Pipes and Driving

A bit of catch-up. Yesterday saw another hot yoga class; probably my last Friday for a while since I signed up for a concurrent series. I might switch my hot yoga day to Mondays. I need to get into a rhythm of exercise, balancing yoga and jazzercise.

Last night, Zippy and a friend were headed off to one of their periodic Celtic concerts, this with a duo named Pipeline. Not much going on in my world so I joined them; although I am at best a mild Celtic fan. I enjoy the music (and I am about 50% Irish, evidenced by reddish hair and freckles) but in a more ethereal, time to sit and ponder and let the mind move where it will sort of way. The duo was quite good; I was especially impressed with Tom Hake's bouzouki playing; enough so to do a little bouzouki web surfing this morning to see instrument shapes and makers and tunings and such. (Tom played a bouzouki which looked like this (as compared to the classic teardrop shape) and there was some speculation amongst us three if it were really a bouzouki or some other instrument (mandolin on steroids? mini-bass? guitar off-shoot?)

Today, I pick up MYA at 8 am (which I am sure is trauma to her teen-age sensibilities; its mid-morning for me) and we trek north to Woburn MA for a conference. With any luck we will see some old and new friends, neither of us will be traumatized, and she will have a good time and not cry spontaneously upon meeting a certain celebrity of my acquaintance. Just a day trip today, although I think I am headed back tomorrow to spend some time with the aforementioned MB.

Sort of in a holding pattern in a lot of ways. Moving into the new office space is going to suck up some time and energy; but I will not really dive into that until late in the coming week, at earliest. Official move-in date is Feb 1, although I might take some stuff over next weekend, and the official friends and family come on down moving day is February 4.

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