January 11, 2006

No trouble opening the file; it's beautiful.

Words of praise from my father-in-law (if we were civil unionized, which we are not, would in-law status apply?), a retired college professor. A week or so ago he came over asking questions about PowerPoint. After giving him a verbal description of what you can do and showing him some things I worked on, he came back with a fairly complex flowchart which looks like a proof or description of Euclid's Theory of Parallels. Apparently, I had an assignment. (Visio or RF-Flow would have worked better, but I doubt he had those on his MAC)

Took me about 15 minutes to put it into PowerPoint, save it as PPT / TIFF / JPEG, and email these to him figuring he could open and use one of them on his MAC.

Amusing that what is, to corporate america, a toss-off project impresses an academic to the point of using the adjective beautiful. I am imagining a day in the not-so-distant past when a college professor would scribble off something like this and the department assistant or university graphics group would spend hours setting it to type or re-doing it. Now it's a few minutes with a program that every corporate drone owns, even if few of them can do more than import bad clip-art and add a cheesy sound effect to transitions.

Continuing the theme of professional praise, I got an email from Thailand (apparently):
I loved looking at your site…just a layman but muck around with stuff in a way that would horrify the properly trained… thanks for the glance…

My work website (which you can actually find if you poke around Blogger enough) is pretty old and not well maintained (the old Shoemaker's Kids proverb, which amusingly, seems to be universally cited when it comes to cob-web-ish online content by people who write or design websites). But its nice to be considered impressive....there are actually some good things buried in there and lots of pictures. There are some pictures of a sign in Las Vegas (and a small story in re of) that never fails to elicit comments.

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