January 10, 2006

Breakfast on Pluto

A movie that was quite nice really. More of Neil Jordan's favorite Crying Game themes (transvestites and the IRA) but no little secret to keep this time. Cillian Murphy was really good in the lead. It was lighter despite obligatory death and mayhem and violence. The soundtrack was good - not incredible enough to want to buy the album, but good - and well used. A goofy little thread involving special effect robins that seemed almost Spielbergesque (which sounds wrong, but if Dylanesque is right, so is Spielbergesque, unless you mean Spielbergian) in its heavy-handedness. Think the feather in Forrest Gump or the Red Dress in Shindler's List. Wait - Liam Neesom portrayed Oskar Shindler. Maybe he is the viral carrier of heavy-handed special effects....? Kidding. I love his acting (even in Star Wars). Just a coincidence, I am sure.

Speaking of Star Wars, My Young Apprentice (heretofore to be known as MYA for blogging purposes) and I went to see it (Breakfast on Pluto, that is, not Star Wars) this afternoon (bargain matinee) - she had the afternoon off for mid-terms. We were the only two in the theater - which was amusing. I think it got dumped over at the Crown Palace on New Park because the Crown Arts (aka Cinema City) is showing Brokeback Mountain on two screens. Definitely a Crown Arts kind of movie.

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