January 18, 2006

Television Refusenik - Seriously

Not kidding here. Lots of people disavow television but they are closet addicts. Not me. We do have a television (two in fact) and I do flip it on from time to time, but we have ultra secret uber-basic cable that provides almost exclusively over-the-air channels, community access, politics, news, and shopping. No HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, A&E, AMC, TNT, ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, or any of the other subscription or entertainment options. In terms of popular culture and watching shows - we are woefully out of touch.

Here's a list of popular, smack dab in the center of the culture shows that I am not only not addicted to, I have never actually seen:

* Lost / 24 / Desperate Housewives
* Fear Factor / Survivor / Big Brother / The Apprentice
* American Idol (more than a few snippets)
* Law & Order (any of the sundry flavors)
* CSI (watched one episode cause a friend was in it)
* Six Feet Under (no HBO)
* Nip / Tuck
* Sopranos (I've caught 1 or 2 shows from a hotel room while traveling)

I think the last show I watched religiously was Northern Exposure. We'll watch the Simpsons and Keeping Up Appearances and Antiques Roadshow if we happen to be free when they are on and stumble across them. And we like various PBS things: Nova, NAture, etc.

I do admit to being a closeted Smallville fan cause I like the humanizing of the Superman story (I never liked the omnipotent, nothing on this planet can stop him version of Superman) and besides Tom Welling is cute - but that fandom translates into watching 3 or 4 shows a season.

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