January 28, 2006


Mid-day Saturday, lots accomplished already. Including:

* Jazzercise
* Run to the storage hole to pick up office accessories
* Go to the office for pre-set-up day #1
* Phone chats with M and K, individually
* Go to Kohls to buy underwear, boots, a couple of clearance blouses, and two epilatory gadgets

Gonna do 1/2 the local support group meeting, and then come home and prep for the balloon party this evening.


Paper Mache Art said...

there's no such thing as a "want-A-be- writer" a writer is always writing or thinking about writing. Your problem, the way i see it, is you've just got to sit down and do it. First drafts must be written first. My daughter said she wanted to be a writer and i told her to write something every day, anything..poetry, stories, notesto herself in a diary. whatever and last year she had her first book published & she's on her secound & she was paid well...it took a lot of time writing every day, but anyone who wants to write - has the desire to write, is a writer waiting to put it down on paper.
never quit or give up.
good luck

Jude said...

Ah, a well, deserved kick in the rear from my first commenter. What you say is true. I have two problems. One is making / taking time to write, and that is certainly good advice. I write when the spirit moves me or there is a specific reason (an article, a review, an essay, a workshop or class) but I really need to write for no reason - to simply play with words, to limber up, to try new things.

And I need to figure out what a writer is. I have been so busy with life - running from dollar to dollar, struggling to survive. I am gifted with a bit less urgency in my life of late, and that certainly leaves some room for imagination and dreams.

Thanks for stopping in; your comments plant a small seed that just might grow!