January 13, 2006

Hot, Sweaty Me

I've been going to yoga for a while now. And I've taken a lot of flavors - intro, gentle, all levels, even a hot yoga class or two with one of the instructors I am used to. When I take a daytime all level class, I invariably encounter students emerging from a particular hot yoga class. They are dripping, look wiped but ebulliant, and the studio afterwards is steamy. I've always considered it sort of a goal to get there - to be able to go to that class, with that instructor.

Well, this morning, I did. I have been feeling pretty good, I went to a gentle class yesterday which went well, and there was not much else on the studio schedule today. It was really incredible. I sweated; I flowed, my heart pounded. After Savasana, my legs felt so heavy; it was a particularly deep relaxation. But I did it, I kept up, and was not totally out of my league. Only a few postures I was unfamilar with.

Not sure I will make it a regular part of my practice; I have lots to learn in terms of technique, and I am not always up for that level of practice. But its nice to know I have the option.

At this point, a jacuzzi would feel pretty good.....

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