January 10, 2006

Welcome Back, Corporate America

I dunno why, it's as if there was some alarm clock in the collective unconscious of american business that went off sometime in the last 24 hours. Allofasudden, work is busy. I've had (3) website clients all poking around for updates, I've had some engineering stuff bubbling to the surface, I've gotten off my keester on a couple of long term projects. Things seem to be in motion.

On a personal front, I'm moving out of the home office back to the place I used to have an office, except instead of a larger "junk office" (lots of square feet, not accessible, not particularly aestethic - a good hidey-hole for where I was back then) I will be getting one of the better offices in the building - big window on the main road, access to the conference rooms, right near the front door.

Kind of nerve-racking (commitment of $$$) but we've been pretty cramped with me in the spare bedroom; I can deduct the office expenses, and I'll be a bit more productive and professional.

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