January 30, 2006

Life Raft

More and more, my spare bedroom / home office / workplace is resembling a life raft. Three major pieces of furniture have been relocated to the new digs, and the remaining desk and table are piled high with papers, books, magazines, mail, and the accoutrements of a small office. A good time to do some pruning methinks.

I am gonna run over to the office early this morning with a load of boxes - since I am not officially there until Wednesday I do not really want to hang out there or be too visible, but I also want to get things moved. I have a small supply of boxes and I am moving things in waves or shifts - I need to get the now-filled boxes moved and emptied so I can start to sort out the piles that surround me.

I am excited about moving. I have visions of a neater and more organized workspace. I have pretensions of a healthier division between work and life. I like the idea of a bit more human contact in my day to day life. I am looking forward to a reason (beside the post office around 11 am) to get out of my PJ's and put myself together a bit more formally.

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