January 03, 2006

Not Home and Not Happy

I am exiled to Elba. Or the Ryetown Hilton.

Three days in NY working a powerpoint gig, wherein people in suits stand on a stage and talk to other people in suits, and I sit at a table behind a curtain loading powerpoint and switching computers and screens and otherwise being a hired gun. Once in a while it gets exciting (a person in a suit panics and pushes the wrong buttons, or a handful of last minute changes give me a chance to show my chops. But mostly - the struggle is to stay alert, to load the computers on time, to track 20 presentations and make sure computers are in sync. Not rocket science, but a decent 3 days worth of pay.

The most noteworthy thing - out of two days worth of speakers - not a one on the main stage is a woman. The women get to talk after the main meeting is over (a local human resources sub-meeting)

Work aside, its kind of slogging. The winter storm means I am not home with the Zipster, who is stuck with heavy snow and dogs and all that. The winter storm put everyone behind schedule tonight - so I missed a chance to jazzercise. The winter storm means I am stuck with room service for dinner. The hotel room will invariably be too dry and too hot for comfortable sleeping. I will be tired tomorrow....

Not miserable, just not joyful. I'm here through Thursday. Bleah.

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