January 02, 2006

Grumpy about the Nor'Easter

Normally I am not a weather kvetch. I take it as it comes, I do not usually have to be places, I live in an urban neighborhood where the streets are plowed, the utilities stay on, and if worse comes to worst we can walk to the store for essentials.

But the upcoming Nor'easter is fretful - I have to be in White Plains for 3 days of work. I have to be there 7:00 am Tuesday morning, which will be mid-storm, by all accounts. And I have to be there through Thursday, leaving Zippy with 6-10" of snow to deal with. Fortunately we have nice neighbors with snowblowers....

The only good part is I will be holed up in a reasonably high end hotel for the duration - so will have my basic needs attended to if I can get there.

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