July 07, 2007

Anti-christian Bigotry

Reading the advocate event listings today, I came across the following:
JesusFest: Sat., 6th-annual festival featuring live Christian entertainment (crucifiction?) and a special Youth Night (insert all the priest jokes you want right here), Tolland Country Agricultural Center Fairgrounds, 24 Hyde Ave., Vernon.

Obviously, the parts in italics were inserted by a staffer trying to be cute. (Er...it's crucifixion). Made me smile. Wonder if the mischief maker got canned. And of course, KC, its anti-christian bigotry.


Jude said...

I just realized, coming across this post, that "crucifiction" might have been a play on words. Duh.

FreeFrag said...

"Anti-christian bigotry" is like "flammable water."