July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Yes we have a copy. Zippy is reading it first; I'm rereading Half Blood Prince just to remember all the plot points I have forgotten. And yeah, we've bene spoiler surfing (and Zippy read the Epilogue last night before bedtime, lest ze not be able to sleep before finishing the book)

Colin has a good piece about HP and the NY Times (and Iraq) in today's Courant. He chastises the NY Times and others for early reviews of the book; and compares and contrasts this insistence on media truth-telling to the reporting en route to war. My thoughts:

Perhaps this is unconscious payback - Ms. Rowling has painted a rather bleak picture of the media (Rita Skeeter? The Daily Prophet?) as well as the government (the Ministry of Magic is at best incompetent, at worst, in league with the Dark Lord). Who can blame the mainstream media for being a bit passive-aggressive about the work.

The best part of the HP saga is that there is an army of young 'uns out there who have read the books and been primed to distrust (a) the govenmnent (the Ministry of Magic), (b) the media (the Daily Prophet), (c) authority (Delores Umbridge, Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgouer, et al), (d) empty suits (Gilderoy Lockhart? Horace Slughorn?), (e) the "right sorts" type (pretty much all the Death Eaters and Sltherin, headed up by the Malfoys). And of course, the books include a heavy dose of positive reinforcement for doing what's right, self sacrifice, friendship, loyalty, etc.

Ten or twenty or thirty years from now perhaps society will start to see the seeds that Ms. Rowling has planted bear some fruit. Somebody start polishing up the Noble Peace Prize for her, OK?

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FyreGoddess said...

You might be interested in this blog post: http://www.towncalleddobson.com/?p=792

In fact, you might really enjoy the entire blog/comic strip.

This came to me as a subscription just before I left for FRFF and I waited impatiently to come back and be able to forward it on to people. It's a really good commentary on the series and how it relates to current events in the US.