July 02, 2007

Ratatouille - The Movie

Over on Colin's blog, Tom the Toy Designer wrote: "Ratatouille is an allegory about immigration. I totally missed that...."

Yeah. me too. Linguini and Remy seemed to be co-heroes, each incomplete without the other. A weird, skewed version of Cyrano de Bergerac. Linguini woos Collette with his (actually, Remy's) cooking, and seems wholly undeserving of success (except by birth). So I was busy deconstructing all that and missed the immigration stuff.

Interesting though, in a typical Disney "happily ever after" wrap-up, Linguini would be the comic foil (maybe find a goofball love interest), and Remy would end up with Collette. We'll let them into our kitchens to cook, but they can not marry our daughters. Then again, he (Linguini) has got real talent as a roller skating waitron, so maybe that's his happily ever after - he discovered his real talent.

Also, "short" seems to be the trademark of villains these days - the evil chef in Ratatouille, the evil king in Shrek I, and Simon Bar Sinister, played by Peter Dinklage in a preview for the new live-action Underdog. (which seems much cuter than the animated version ever was, and does not have to reach all that far to be smarter - Underdog was no Rocky & Bullwinkle....

Anyway, its only a matter of time before little folk start to recognize their being typecast and start to object. And with good reason. Hollywood has created villianous stereptypes based on race, on nationality, on orientation, on gender expression. Now it's little people in the queue. Ugh.

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