July 13, 2007

Making It Up

You have to admire the chutzpah.

Scott D. Shefelbine has been out on bond awaiting trial for sexual assault of minors. While out, he is accused of conencting with (online), meeting, and proposing sex with a 14 year old at her home. Lovely sort.

The surreal part comes in the form of an alibi, provided by his parents, that he was with them on the supposed date. And photos taken, of the accused, on the steps of a Roman Catholic church holding a church bulletin with the date prominant (and visible in the photos). Specifically:
The photos purported to show Scott Shefelbine and his mother in front of St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in West Hartford on May 20, the same day the state says Shefelbine visited the 14-year-old West Hartford girl with plans to take her out for ice cream.

The photographs of Shefelbine and his mother include her prominently holding a church bulletin dated May 20 from St. Thomas, upon which is written in blue ink the message: "Gail and Scott were here." Gail Shefelbine testified Wednesday that an elderly nun at the church wrote that message.

Just sort of funny in a "bad television police drama" way - I can imagine this being hatched by a faithful Columbo rerun watcher.

And off to jail with him. If its true that he cannot control himself while out on bail, he deserves to be in lock-up. This guy has a problem.

Addendum: Oh nice. In addition to this little bit of alleged alibi fabrication, the defendents father whacked Erin Cox, a WTNH (Channel 8) reporter. Granted, the description of the incident makes it sound like a walk-by smack, while the footage of the incident shows that Ms. Cox was chasing him down the sidewalk in pursuit of an interview, and the hit may have been more of a shove in the form of "stop following me, b*tch". But sheesh, if you are gonna shove or punch someone, try not to do it with the cameras running, and maybe not a reporter with the bully pulpit of the evening news to tell her side of things.

Addendum II: Ho-boy. Logging in to AOL this morning, I see a blurb on the front page "Suspect's Dad Decks Reporter". Way to turn a state-wide story into a national one.....


kerri said...

I've avoided writing about this because I was friends with him in high school...totally a case of "I never expected him to do something like that." And I say that, knowing plenty of people who *have* done things like that.

In this case though, I think time in a secure mental institution would be better spent than in prison.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the video the reporter took a dive.