July 14, 2007

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Glommed from Helen, of course. . A bunch of reasons why life, all in all, does not suck.

1. Partner in crime. The Zipster and I have been coupled for over 7 years now; we met at the True Colors conference in the spring of 2000. There are a lot of lonely people out there; and I am not one of them.

2. Health. I'm in my mid 40's; I have aches and pains, parts that are sore or tweaky or whatnot. But I do a pretty darn strenuous yoga practive 3-4 times a week, walk, hike, blade, bike. I know too many people in wheelchairs to not be thankful for my own health and mobility.

3. Employment. It's been over 11 years since I entered the self-employment / consulting world. I'm still at it, and I still pay the nut every month, and my work is interesting and rewarding, and perhaps makes the world a better place.

4. Flexibility. Despite a pretty full work life, I fit in yoga, mentoring, exercise, music, arts, film. It seems I have unconsciously crafted the sort of life that permits me to do stuff. At times, it seems as if I might have started retirement early - my life is that engaging and stress-free. Thanks, unconscious!

5. Death at bay. The last time death got really close was 1979, when my father died. Since then, my family and close friends have not been touched. I am sure that will not last forever, but its been a good run.

6. New England. Goodness I love this part of the world - from the seasons to the people, from the local color to the progressive environment.

7. Hot Air Balloons. Once a week, this time of year, I end up in close proximity to one of these beautiful behemoths. If the size and color and grace of the craft itself does not open one's heart, the excitement and awe coming from the passengers will.

8. Dogs. We have three, and they entertain, amuse, accompany, comfort, protect. What mor eevidence of the divine does one need than a cross-species partnership or relationship that is so intimate?

9. Music. What an unusual habit - that we have taken this art, a form of worship perhaps, a communal prayer for comfort - and turned it into something that can be funny, beautiful, prayerful, delicate, grating. To have a collection of music, to be able to listen to it when we choose, to be able to go see musicians live - such gifts.

10. This time, this place. There are many things wrong in this world, but to be born a citizen on the united states, in the 20th / 21st century, is a blessing beyond measure. So many throughout history and scattered across this globe are given so much less.

Those are the biggies. This morning:

* The birds are singing
* The (decaf) coffee is fresh and tasty
* There is a box of granola in the cupboard
* The weather is pleasant, warm but not too hot and humid
* There is a hot yoga class this morning
* I'll be riding my scooter to the class
* I have a few uninterrupted hours to thing, to email, to web surf
* I am gonna go sit on the back porch

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