July 07, 2007

Mad Agnes and Tired Judith

We're off to a smallish house concert this evening with Mad Agnes. They are a delightful trio of talented writers, singers, and musicians. I have been a fan for eons (seriously, I think I first saw Margo co-billed with Brooks Williams in New Haven (maybe) or New Britain or something back in the early 90's. Margo was mostly playing keyboards back then; I picked up her cassette tape. So I have been a bit of a fan over the years - watching her solo, then as she became part of Madwomyn (Madwimmen?) in the Attic, which morphed into Mad Agnes.

So, an exciting night to go see 'em in a small space.

In other news, today was a collapse day. I fell into bed last night at 8 p.m. I was up and down but mostly in bed until close to noon - think my body just said ENOUGH and demanded some catch-up. I started to come back to life this afternoon: a shower, some minor chores. I'm in the middle of cooking dinner and will be bringing in some laundry in a bit. Zippy had a bug or something over the 4th; maybe I caught it. In any case, I'm feeling better now and hopefully will be OK tonight and tomorrow.

Trivia Note: Agnes is my mother's name. She's not often Mad (in either sense of the word) however.

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