July 22, 2007

Just simmering in it

Yoga again today, Round III with Tias Little. I did 1/2 of Tias' workshops (one per day, rather than two per day) and by all accounts the afternoon / evening sessions were more restorative, but dang. Lots of yoga. And it was not the energetic, hot and sweaty vinyasa yoga that I am used to at WHY - it was just a lot of (on the surface fairly simple) postures, with much attention to detail. Below the surface, not so simple. In any case, I think I chose wisely in terms of the quantity of workshops (I am not sure I was up for 3 days, 2 workshops per day) nor would Zippy have been happy with it.

On the "new ground" front, Tias assisted me get up into a handstand on the wall on Saturday; today I got up with an assist from a fellow yoga (thanks, A!) and really not much of an assist. I am heading towards getting myself up there. And then later, Tias and A tag teamed to assist me doing a handstand off the wall. Which was pretty exciting.....so lots of beaming in between postures. And I had two of the deepest and most restorative savasana's yesterday and today that I have had in a long time. Delicious.

Tias appears to have a bit of an Irish accent, and so my inner fantasy is that he was an Irish Catholic priest who tossed over the cloth for yoga. Just had that sort of kindly priest vibe with a little bit of mischief thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed the workshops, he's delightful and wise. I will never hear the word Trochanter again without thinking of him (actually, I may never hear the word again, since it was a new one to me) but still.....

And seeing all the new faces - from near and far - makes me appreciate all the more my proximity and practice at the studio. A blessing to have it so close, a blessing to be able to practice there.

In other news, Zippy is on Page 635 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (and is beaming about it) - we're pretty mellow on spoilers, so every so often ze breaks away to tell me some good part. I am not sure I will get to it this week (two days of lots of work and folk festival prep). In some ways I am just happy to hear the outcome (as if Harry et al were personal friends) - I'll get around to enjoying the writing and the story later....

I took a shower, I spent some time packing for Falcon Ridge, I popped over the office to load printer drivers on my laptop and catch up on artist merchandise sheets. Time to relax and let the weekend roll off my shoulders as I prepare for a biust few days.

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