July 09, 2007

Operator Error

The reason my scooter would not start this morning: I forgot to move the little switch from the OFF position to the ON position.

I blame a temporary case of insanity related to yoga-stoned-ness. I went over a few minutes ago to try to restart it, realized me error, and it started right up. Now my car is over at the studio, to be picked up later.


kerri said...

Please tell more about this scooter. How do you haul a yoga mat around on it? What kind of mileage does it get?

Jude said...

Hmmmm....where to start. I have a yoga bag that I can toss over my shoulder, normally I just put it on my shoulder but when I am riding I can strap it across my back. Pretty secure. I also have a bike rack type thingee on it.

It purports to get 80-90 mpg, although who knows. Has to beat my saturn, that's for sure.

It's a small engine: 50 cc / 30 mph tops, so it does not need to be registered or require a motorcycle license.

I bought a used one, kind of old and clunky, there are lots of nice new onew around. But the prices for the used ones are up because of the price of gas.....

Now I am busy ebaying, looking for bargain accessories (so far I have a cover, new mirrors, and a new rear shock in sight...)