July 24, 2007

Packed to the Gills

Each year at this time, I test the limits of what you can actually cram into a 1996 Saturn for the Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. This year is no exception.

I've raised the difficulty points this year: I a taking along a cash register (on loan from the festival so I could learn how to program it and create cheat sheets) and a large tub of office stuff (printer, binders, papers, folder, etc. for the Performer Merchandise Sales crew).

Cutting the load - fewer chairs. A smaller guitar in a soft case. A smaller tent. A less bulky dining fly. Perhaps some tighter packing of the usual crap I bring.

Nonetheless, its gonna be a tight fit. I might see if I can borrow Zippy's truck.

I'm off the grid starting tomorrow morning; although I suspect I will have (and will answer) my cell phone if / when it rings.....

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