July 07, 2007

Front Row Seats

Back in the early or mid 90's, I was blessed to have gone to see the Roche's at Tarrytown Town Hall. It was a last minute thing; I was out of town for work, got back in time (and in energy) to make the drive from Waterbury to Tarrytown. When I got there, I went to the ticket window, and found they did not take credit cards. So I wandered off to find an ATM. When I got back, a gentleman was standing in front, and asked if I was looking for a ticket. "I don't think you will be disappointed" he said. And I was not - he had a pair of front row center seats. The full sonic force of Maggie, Terre, and Suzy remains one of my fondest musical memories. (And perhaps, one of the first times I noticed my guardian angel at work.)

Tonight, however, was another such night. Seeing Margo, Adrienne, and Mark (of Mad Agnes fame) in a small, intimate space. Just delightful! That they closed with my personal favorite, Dougie MacLean's Caledonia, was simply icing on the cake!

I am very blessed. But we knew that.....

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