July 10, 2007

This and That

Have I mentioned that I am falling in love with The Kennedys? I downloaded one of their albums from eMusic a while back, and loved it. I recently downloaded another, which is now loaded into my MP3 player. Fun music, technically great music, bouncy music, and resonant with a lot of my spiritual stuff. I've seen them for years at Falcon Ridge but it took a full set at the Strawberry Park Folk Fest last summer to really light my fire.

Am excited to see them at Falcon Ridge - they are not obviously booked, but in fact they are 1/3 of The Strangelings (along with Chris & Meredith Thompson, and new Strangelings Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson). Pete and Maura are ubiquitous at Falcon Ridge. I am excited to see them!

In other news, all my vehicles are on the premises - I walked down to the sudio last night (while Zippy was on the phone with hir sister) to fetch my car. I am off to Bristol this morning for some official business with MYA. Hopfully back to the office this afternoon to get some work done - I still have quite the queue pending. Mentoring meeting tonight. Heading off to Baltimore tomorrow for work.

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