July 13, 2007

Boom and Boom

Summer in Hartford has always been a time of violence and tension, and this summer is no exception. Recently, two young men were gruesomely murdered over on Capitol Avenue, near Arbor Street.

Not sure what to say about this. Probably not a random thing; the murder weapon was a shotgun at close distance, not a drive-by. One has to imagine that a message was being sent. The victims have not yet been identified because their faces were so severely damaged.

And the location is troubling to the arts and culture crowd, so close to Real Art Ways where we go for regular films and events, and tainting the Parkville area where folks are working hard to try to lure the suburban crowd in for food and entertainment following the arts and culture.

Living in Hartford, I've never felt particularly unsafe; it seems like the demographics of the violence are limited to those involved in drugs or crime, or those unfortunate enough to be living in or hanging around certian problem areas. But I imagine all it will take is one random act of violence against a notable visitor to the area, and a lot of hard work and vision might come tumbling down.

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