July 07, 2007

Cell Phone Refusenik II

Back in Dec 05, I blogged about my friend C who is a cell phone refusenik (this despite having a small tutoring business wherein she drives to client's homes and yanno, having the ability to call from the road and receive calls while on the road MIGHT be a good thing and also completely deductible). But no. Luddite, she.

She called this morning (while I was comatose) to tell me she was planning to come to Hartford for a support group meeting, and maybe want to stop by here. Of course, the meeting is the 2nd Saturday of the month and this is the 1st Saturday. So....no meeting. And since I was dead to the world, it went to voice mail until about noon when I was functional.

I called and left a message on her home machine. But no cell phone, no way to contact her. She might show up here. Or not. But of course I am gonna resume my campaign to cellularize her.....next chance I get.

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