July 21, 2007

Sun vs. Storm

Sue Bird played! But her time off was telling; she was not at full strength. She hit a three, and a few shots, and ran the floor, but you could tell she was not drilling the shots as in the past.

CT played from behind for the first half, started to get ahead in the 3rd, and blew it open in the forth. Lindsay (19) and Ashja (17) had great games; Lindsay from the start (love to watch her drive down the middle and score past taller rivals), and Ashja slowly caught fire. Katie (18) was her usual awesome self. Even Margo, who continues to be somewhat stiff, had 10, mostly from the field. She pulled down some def RBs too, mostly by being there.

Nykesha had a hard game (2 points) but was, in some ways, the turn-around key; she was fired up after the 1/2, and played incredibly fiercely before clonking heads with one of the Storm players, which put her out for the game. (Ashja also got an elbow to the eye early on but came back). Newcomer Evanthea Maltsi filled in nicely for Nykesha with 8 points. LeCoe, Jamie, Erika, and Kristen were all pretty quiet (although Kristen got her fouls....)

All in all not a bad game. Not a bad crowd at MoSun. We were up in the nosebleed seats at mid-court, which was not too bad (site lines) - not bad for free tix (our seasons ticket holding friends got some free passes)

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