September 28, 2008

Dhafer Youssef at Real Art Ways

My friend AC had tickets and offered to take me, and what a delightful evening. Dhafer Youssef plays the Oud, but also sings and composes. And his trio (percussion, electric guitar, and various synthesized and looped effects) was an incredible foundation for his oud playing.

Hard to really describe it all, and I can not find a video of the current ensemble online. But I saw some digital videocams in the house, so maybe something will be online anon.

Amazing that we can find this sort of eclectic and excellent talent in Hartford CT on a Saturday evening in September. Props to Real Art Ways, props to Hartford.

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Julie Dixon said...

Yesterday was a "This is why I love Hartford" day. Definitely. Noodles, tour of Hartford 21, beautiful saris, wandering through the streets in the rain, unexpected and beautiful music at Real Art Ways.