September 09, 2008

Out of the Sky - Werner Pfeiffer

Zippy, his dad, and I went to Trinity College this evening for a talk by Werner Pfeiffer, discussing, and assembling, his block print / sculpture memorial to the 9/11 attacks entitled "Out of the the Sky"

It's a quite cunning assemblage, emerging from a bookcase much like an old album collection (think "The Complete Beatles" in terms of size), but unfolding and assembling very thoughfully into replicas of the World Trade Center towers - wrapped in an artistic block print of his interpretation of the human panic and suffering of those who lost their lives in the tower.

This picture does not do the piece justice - either the scale of it (nearly 6' tall) nor the impact - I grabbed a spot on the floor at the base of the piece and looking up at it, it certainly reminded me of times I was in the financial district with the towers looming. Quite a moving feeling. I'm a little disappointed that I did *not* bring a camera; to grab a photo from my sitting on the floor angle, as Pfeiffer assembled the sculpture. It was quite impressive; and yet remarkably little information online about this piece.

The talk was as much about the construction / fabrication of the piece (many art professors / library geeks in the house) - materials, printing techniques, assembly techniques, design process, fonts. Quite interesting to see how he conceived it, how the mechanical assembly aspects and storage of the piece impacted the final size, etc.

A lovely little bit of culture in the city - free to any who would come. Helps to be connected - Zippy's dad is a Trinity professor emeritus and also a bit of a pop-up book and block print collector, so he had the inside skinny on the lecture, plus he had already been to another recent lecture on the piece.

Other pieces by Werner Pfeiffer here

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