September 27, 2008

Lomax: The Hound of Music

Spent Friday down at the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat, for a press event launching the new PBS series Lomax: The Hound of Music. It's coming soon to PBS, look for a special evening launching the show on October 8th (I think) on CPTV. A fairly comprehensive page about it all here.

Had an interesting time at the event. I'm the webwench for the steam train (how I got the invite) so I was somewhat drifting among the movers and shakers (state reps, selectpersons, CPTV execs, railroad board members). So when it came time for lunch, I draped my bag on a chair at the table at the back of the room, furthest from anything.

When I returned with my lunch, I found the table had been filled up by the cast and producers! So I had lunch with Amy, Delta, and Lomax. Well, the puppeteers who play Delta and Lomax (both of whom seem like great people). I should have known as much; I've been part of the crew before and we always seem to find the most out of the way place to sit...

Afterwards, a ride on "The Melody Hound Express" - a train consisting of Engine 97, a passenger car, and Amy's caboose, which figures prominantly in the series. It was a monsoon like day, there is something pretty amazing about a steam locomotive up close, especially spitting and steaming in a torrential downpour.

I loved the show; made me wish I were a kid again. Lot's of roots music - folk, bluegrass, blues inspired. The puppeteers were amazing, both on camera and live. I hope it does well, for all involved; in these days of educational testing and budget cuts, we need all the music inspiration and education we can get.

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