September 30, 2008

Moon in Uranus

A quick websearch reveals that:
Uranus rules technology, but Pallas Athene personalizes how you integrate it into your life. As the goddess of wisdom and courage, Pallas Athene influences how quickly you adopt an innovation and how drawn you are to technological advances

My life is manifesting some technology at the moment. Yesterday, I received a wireless headset, for use at the library yoga classes. The space was too large and open, the students too numerous, and the tendency of people to set up at the edges too powerful to bring them all in close. So my voice just did not make it to the far corners of the room. I took the headset in to the studio and connected it up to the sound system there - it worked great: clear, no feedback, no static or hum, and not to disruptive of my own postures. So I am hopeful this will be a good tool this afternoon. I need to be a bit careful with my own breath - I tend to breath deeply while teaching (mostly to inspire my students to breath) and I really do not need all that wind in the microphone. And I need to remember to push the mic away from my mouth for individual assists and the like.

I am sure it will be a learning experience working with this prop - but life is a learning experience, no?

Yesterday afternoon, the UPS guy showed up with a small (4Gig) MP3 player. I'm on my 3rd generation - a small Dell device (lost), another small generic device (began to malfuction), and now this. Not stepping up to an iPod at this point (too cheap!). Right now my focus will be to load in my yoga music, and set up some playlists for classes - I have been relying on off the shelf yoga disks and typically find myself distracted by the music - always a few winners and some music I am less happy with or does not fit the rhythm of my classes. So will be nice to set up a few playlists with music that works.

Today will be a bit of a hustle - my 5:30 library class, this week introducing amplification and a teaching assist. Afterwards, buzz back to WHY for a gentle class - a last minute subbing for Shankara. He has quite the following, so subbing for him is a bit daunting. Students who walk in looking for him are bound to have some disappointment, and he often has huge classes. So...a challenge. He left me some rather explicit instructions for the class, which helps point me in a particular direction.

Wed-Sat, I'm doing a 24 hour teacher training with Tias Little. I'm looking forward to it, but I am pretty sure I am not going to have much time to breath. And Thursday night, I move right out of teacher training into assisting Barb's power class, and then teaching my own intro to power.

I've come to look at my yoga teaching right now as an internship - working my ass off, for not so much money, but getting put into new situations, testing my limits, learning, learning, learning. It's quite energizing, although I think I do need to take some deliberate down time to rest, recover, regroup......

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Shel said...

Pallas Athene is the goddess of war and conflict! Think about it!